Blake Double Identity
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Blake: Double Identity® is an animated TV series following the adventures of action-hero twins Justin and Tatiana (friends call her “T”) Blake, and their two friends who have been recruited by an international government organization. As twins, they think the same thoughts, plan the same way but can strike with double the force. By hiring twin secret agents, the organization has a strike team the likes of which have never been seen before! Justin is an athletic computer hacker and Tatiana is a smart 21st century senior high school girl who dreams of being an Air Force pilot. Justin is delighted to be part of the covert squad, but for Tatiana the real let down is the organization’s cover story: she is to pose as an international fashion model. Tatiana hates the stereotypical role as what could be one girl’s dream is her nightmare. Criminals have moved on as technology progresses and old brute force tactics no longer work it’s time for the next generation of Agents to step in. The twins who think and act as one are the perfect crime-fighting weapons. Armed with the latest gadgets, super intelligence and the skills to match, they combat the greatest threats the world has ever seen! But, as they travel to the world’s most interesting locations, they never forget that they are indeed siblings and find humor in everything, especially in their irreverent verbal bantering which is an important aspect of our story

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