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Khuda-Yana is a surreal comedy action TV series, a bright parody about pirates, thieves, monsters, treasures, pursuits, fights, magic contraptions, spells, runes, wonderful environments, unbelievable creatures and great characters. Khuda, the main character, enjoys and suffers the bright and the dark side of having powers, knowledge and abilities. On the top of that: he's not going to learn much about it. Thereby, Khuda-Yana's world is a well cared mixture, a pastiche, a collage of genders and styles – pirates, One Thousand and One Nights, Greek mythology, Jules Verne's steampunk from sci-fi, and fantasy to a few anachronisms for comedy sake – i.e. making Khuda talking through a modern cell-phone or wearing a modern cheerleader outfit for a short gag.

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