Maryoku Yummy
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Maryoku Yummy is set in a whimsical world known as Nozomu. There, wishes granted from children are sent here, although wishes are depicted as small creature-like beings. These beings are known as the 'Yummy', which is also used as a term for common sayings. Maryoku and her friends, Ooka and Fij Fij, go around Nozomu, doing everyday things and solve problems with their many other friends, such as playground 'leader' Hadagi, public watcher Shika, wish deliverer Bob, calm yummy leader Tapo Tapo, work duo Nonzi and Yuzu, cook Omoshi and assistant Jeppy, fitness coach Enro and wish doctor Zuno. So far the only wish not granted, but lives in Nozomu with the Yummies, is a yellow and blue wish by the name of Fudan, who can talk unlike the other wishes.

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