Street Sharks
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A university professor named Dr. Robert Bolton had invented a gene-manipulation device for peaceful uses on animals with his fellow professor named Dr. Luther Paradigm. In the first episode, Dr. Paradigm tested his gene-manipulation techniques (which was referred to as "gene-slamming") on a marlin and a lobster. Dr. Robert Bolton attempted to destroy Paradigm's research and was transformed into an unseen inhuman monstrosity by the evil scientist using the gene-slamming device on him before escaping. Dr. Paradigm later kidnapped Bolton's four sons John, Bobby, Coop, and Clint to transform them into sharks. As soon as they are gene-slammed after their bodies were washed down the river, the four brothers ate a hot dog stand upon their transformation and fled from the police by diving into a lake and burrowing their way into the city by eating the dirt. The brothers planned to capture Dr. Paradigm so that they could force him to return them to their human selves and expose Dr. Paradigm's genetic experiments.

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