Time Jam: Valerian and Laureline
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Time Jam: Valerian & Laureline, was made in 2007. It is a French-Japanese co-production, directed by Philippe Vidal, involving Satelight, Dargaud and Luc Besson’s Europacorp. Scripts were written by a French team under the supervision of Peter Berts while Charles Vaucelles was responsible for the realisation of the characters and Vincent Momméja was responsible for the design of the locations and spacecraft. Music is by Alexandre Azzaria. The French version of the series consist of forty 23 minute episodes while the Japanese version consisted of 11 minute episodes. Two trailers were released for the series: the first on 24 April 2006 and the second on 10 October 2006. According to Animation World Network, "Time Jam - Valerian & Laureline sets out to answer the question: Where on Earth has Earth gone? Valerian and Laureline, our two young heroes, seem to be the only representatives of the human race in the unsafe galaxy where the nightmarish Vlagos are conspiring to control the world. Sent out on an assignment by the head of STS (the Spatial-Temporal Service), Valerian and Laureline discover the existence of a time-portal, a mysterious phenomenon, which may hold the key to the recovery of Earth. The series from Dargaud Marina mixes 2D and CGI animation with an anime touch."

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