Walter Melon TAS
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Walter Melon and his assistant Bitterbug run a company as "heroes for hire". Whenever superheroes get in trouble, get sick, or fall victim to their villains' latest scheme, Melon and Bitterbug (Lefuneste) take their places temporarily. In the show Walter and Bitterbug replaced all kinds of heroes spoofs, such as: Superman, Hulk, James Bond, Batman and Robin, Indiana Jones, Kirk and Spock, Tarzan, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, Mad Max, Hulk Spider-Man, 2 of the Power Rangers such as Jason Lee Scott, the Red Ranger and Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger, Terminator, Alan Grant, Fox Mulder, Jim Phelps, Casper, 2 of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, White Rabbit and Mad Hatter, Peter Pan and Wendy Darling, Tin Man and Scarecrow, Aladdin and Abu, Little Red Riding Hood, and Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket. Unlike most heroes, Walter is not a highly trained, intelligent and handsome macho man like most superheroes. Instead, he is a big dim-witted overweight jolly man with a large nose and a lot of luck. Despite his significantly greater size, nobody ever notices the difference, with his weight merely being commented on after his arrival and subsequently ignored. When he impersonates the heroes, he fights Sneero, the main antagonist of the series who represents the bad guys, such as spoofs of: Lex Luthor, Goldfinger, Joker, Darth Vader, Captain Hook, the Leader, Doctor Octopus, Rita Repulsa, Cigarette Smoking Man, Queen of Hearts, Wicked Witch of the West, Shredder, Jafar, King Kong, the Big Bad Wolf, and Stromboli and Walter is sometimes partnered with Ameila who represents heroines such as: Lois Lane, Betty Ross, Any type of Bond girl, Elsa Schneider, Catwoman, Nyota Uhura, Princess Leia Organa, Trini Kwan, the Yellow Ranger, Betty Ross, Sarah Connor, Mary Jane Watson, Alice, Dorothy Gale, Dana Scully, Kat Harvey, April O'Neil, Tinker Bell, Princess Jasmine, and the Blue Fairy.

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